Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thoughts on the Address

I was one of the 2 million people there on the mall for President Obama's Inaugural Address. The speech was magnificent.  A speech given by a man ready to govern and aware of the challenges that face our nation and the politics that have contributed to our current crisis.  The speech spoke of the past sacrifices that have made us great and the sacrifices needed from a new generation (including my own) to remake America.  The speech reminded me of Lincoln's First Inaugural.  Which seems appropriate for the many comparisons of Lincoln and Obama that have been prevalent in contemporary political conversation.  However, in my opinion there is one comparison that is true beyond all others.  Both men are political geniuses that exemplify the Pragmatic Idealism that informs my political persuasion.  Lincoln and Obama understood that effective government that serves the people is possible; yet one needs to be pragmatic in the workings of politics to achieve successful governance.  Lincoln and Obama believe in a government that is able to work through statesmanship and deliberation.  A strong executive is able to persuade the American people and be transparent while upholding American ideals. Though Lincoln and Obama live in very different times both men expressed that despite any source of conflict and division we are able to rise above and continue to be one nation. A follower of this blog told me to look into the Goldilocks theory.... while I couldn't find much on this subject in regards to politics, the theory suggests that certain circumstances produce a situation in which the solution or resolution is 'just right'.  That no other answer or turn of events could have as successful. It is quite possible that Lincoln was and Obama is 'just right'. 

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